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Robust document automation that's easy to set up.

Reclaim your time and use Documate to save up to 90% of time spent on generating legal documents.

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Trusted by thousands of law firms and organization across the globe

Automate your expertise without any technical knowledge.

Document assembly

Turn Word or PDF templates into automated workflows. Add infinite conditional logic and generate document sets.

Create white-labeled web forms

Create client-facing forms that gather data with decision-tree logic. Give your users a Documate portal to log in and store information.

Data management

Store data in Documate for reuse. Integrate with thousands of tools like Zapier, your CRM, spreadsheets and practice management.

Document storage and analytics

Store generated files and monitor analytics on who has completed your workflows.

We’ve got you covered with an industry-leading feature set.

"I have done my research for over a year, testing different software around the web, and have not been able to find a single piece of software that does what Documate does, except for maybe one enterprise software tool that would have cost me tens of thousands of dollars a month. The platform is very easy to use, but it can accomplish almost anything in terms of automation, calculations, formatting, etc. Even when I've wanted to do something that wasn't readily apparent, the support team has been able to help me accomplish it."

Verified Reviewer on gartner/capterra


Complex conditional logic, calculations, and nested data structures? There's no logic you can't accomplish with Documate.

Easy to set up

Customize formatting in your documents. With this, attorneys can create intake forms with bold and italic text, headings, website links, and even video and audio interspersed between text.

Custom Development

Don't have time? Use our "Documater" program, where an automation specialist can do all the setup for you.

Server Provisioning

Set up your server anywhere in the world to comply with data security laws in your jurisdiction.

Customer Support

We provide customer support 7 days a week, and most of our staff are former lawyers or paralegals who are very helpful with thinking through the automation lifecycle.

Thousands of organizations trust Documate for its power and user experience.

Landlord Legal, a Community for Landlords

How Landlord Legal (formerly FreshLease) used Documate to create a residential lease platform that incorporates document automation, video courses, a community, and additional legal services through the core law firm.

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How Columbia Law Students Used Documate to Become Legal Tech Developers

How Columbia Law School students used Documate to build document automation workflows for NYC tenants and low-wage workers in South America.

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HelpSelf, Automated Assistance for Domestic Violence Survivors

How HelpSelf Legal provided automatic legal help to those with low/moderate incomes, a precursor to the software platform that is now Documate.

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Free Solution to Prevent Eviction During COVID-19

A2J Forms is back at it again. They built a platform to help tenants nationwide generate a declaration that prevents eviction from their homes under the latest CDC Order.

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Eight instant-response apps

During the pandemic, experts around the world built and rapidly scaled legal tech solutions to provide assistance to the those in critical life situations - eviction defense, work, benefits, and more.

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M&A Firm Creates Expert System

LCN Legal is a global specialist firm in legal structures for multinational companies and intercompany agreements. They used Documate's to create a document automation system in one of the most complex areas of law: transfer pricing. They've since launched multiple tech tools through the firm.

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Save 90% of drafting time with powerful document automation. Gather data and instantly generate template documents.
Automate now
Robust document automation
Infinite logic capability to build complex document sets. Saves you hours of time and eliminates errors.
Client-facing questionnaires
Collect data from colleagues and clients. Guide users down different decision trees depending on their answers.
Easy setup
Drag and click to set up calculations, nested logic and lists. No coding required to build your expert system.
Empower you and your team to streamline work and generate documents and decisions in seconds.
WHITE-labelED Client-Facing APPS
Third parties can create logins, enter and save data, and return anytime to pick up where they left off.
Your users can use your workflows on their own or collaborate with you for document review and additional services.


Share workflows with clients. Replace your intake or internal data entry with end-to-end logic-based workflows.
Try it now


Launch revenue-generating legal tech products that scale.
Collect Payments
Our payment integrations allow you to collect fees from clients at any stage of a matter.
API and Integrations
We play nice with others. 😊  Pull and push data in other systems for one end-to-end solution.
Marketing Advice
Documate's team and community of lawyers are here to help you market your product.
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Documate is exactly what we've been looking for to streamline our previously inefficient, manual drafting processes. The product is both powerful and intuitive, and the Word plug-in made automating our existing templates a breeze. Their customer service has also been above-and-beyond, and the online documentation is thorough and helpful (including video guides). Overall a useful tool, made by a good company, and at a very reasonable price.

Josh G.
Director of Lending in U.S.

Our client intake which previously took 1hr+ now takes approximately 15-20 minutes. Documents that we previously had to spend time changing pronouns and tenses can now be updated with the click of a button. We are new users, so we are still discovering benefits, but so far it has saved us quite a bit of time.

Joy E.
Paralegal in U.S.

Before we started using Documate, we were manually drafting documents with MS Word, which wasted thousands of hours of employee time. If you need a robust document automation or document assembly tool, Documate may be what you've been looking for.

Verified Reviewer on Gartner/Capterra
CEO in U.S.

I (and especially our paralegals) are very happy we found Documate. We've saved a ton of time, and it's worth the monthly fee times 1000. Because it creates a web-based app, we've also considered rolling this out as an intake or document generation process for our clients - the interface is clean and mobile-friendly for that purpose, too.

Verified Reviewer on Gartner/Capterra
Attorney in U.S.

Automate & Revolutionize Your Practice

With Documate's toolkit, build your dream product without hiring a developer. We can handle any level of complexity. Try us!
See how a large law firm built an award-winning expert system to automate one of the most complex areas of law: transfer pricing.
See 8 examples of how students built legal apps in hours and days (not months) to respond to crises affecting legal consumers.
Hello Divorce is taking divorce online. Watch this webinar on how they used Documate to build legal products, generate passive income, and boost productivity.
Documate is a team of lawyers/engineers who previously built a tool for domestic violence survivors. Read the genesis story. With Documate, you can do the same in any jurisdiction or area of law.
Robust document automation

Add infinite logic and build complex document sets, saving 90% of drafting time.

Client-facing questionnaires

Collect data from colleagues and clients, guiding them down different paths depending on their answers.

Easy to set up

Drag, dropand click to set up calculations and nested logic and lists. No coding knowledge required.

Internal automation & training

Automate internal workflows and empower you and your team to streamline work, save time, and reduce errors.

Client orpublic facing

Allow clients and third parties to create logins, save data, and return to finish.


Allow clients to use your workflows as a self-serve tool or collaborate with you for document review or additional advice.

Collect payments

Our payment integrations allow you to collect fees from clients at any stage of a matter.

API andintegrations

Pull and push data into other systems for one end to end solution.

Marketing advice

Documate's team and community of lawyers are here to help you market your product.

Resources and inspiration from our customers

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