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Gavel v. PatternBuilder

A Side by Side Comparison of Gavel v. PatternBuilder (Formerly AfterPattern), a NetDocuments product:

  • Easy to Set Up - Gavel is top rated by customers, who note its ease of use compared to PatternBuilder.
  • Robust functionality - Gavel allows for more robust automation, including the ability to add nested repeating items and additional logic.
  • Top Performer - Gavel is a top performing document automation software on Capterra and Lawyerist.
  • Free Trial and Clear Pricing - Try out Gavel, for free, before committing to a subscription and see why our customers stay for the long haul.
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Document Automation Features
Robust Automation Functionality

Gavel has features like nested repeating items and complex logic. Users consistently note the legal-specific features and that Gavel can automate any rules into documents.

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Moderate Automation

PatternBuilder lacks features like nested repeating items and logic that attorneys need to get their documents fully automated.

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Clear Pricing
$ All-In-One

$83/mo base for one template-builder with 20 users free. Those 20 users can be internal team-members who are generating documents using the automation you set up. Includes both Word and PDF automation.

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Not catered to solo practitioners and steep pricing (through NetDocuments).

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Free Trial
Client Facing Interface

Use a client questionnaire to collect data from clients and internal team-members, guide users through a white labeled workflow, guided workflow, and allow clients to sign into your portal to see their data.

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Ease of Use

Gavel is easy to use, has free customer support, and has a Learning Center lays out its functionalities, tips and how-tos.

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Customers note that PatternBuilder is difficult to use and is best for those with technical knowledge.

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Clio Integration

Gavel was chosen by Clio as their best integration and awarded $100,000 by Clio for the integration.

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Zapier Integration
Yes at $165/mo price point
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Public API
Templating Experts to Build Your Workflows

Gavel customers have access to Gavel document automators (“Gavel Experts”) who can be hired to create the desired workflow if the customer does not have the time or desire to learn the skills to set it up themselves. 

Gavel Experts have been vetted for their expertise, critical thinking, quality and efficiency and start as low as $35/hour.

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Overall Customer Ratings

No reviews below 5 out of 5 stars on Capterra or G2.

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PatternBuilder has several reviews with stars 2 (and under) out of 5 on Capterra and G2.

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Customer Support

Rated 5/5 and stellar support team.

Gavel provides unlimited, speedy support for all customers, regardless of your subscription plan by phone, live screen share, email or our Slack community.  

Gavel also provides free training on any tier and a knowledge center.

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Rated 4.1/5 and support is unavailable.

FAQ section, phone call, and support site only.

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