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with legal document automation

Gavel automates client intake, document drafting, and revenue generation so you can focus on practicing law.

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Secure and trusted by thousands of law firms and organizations worldwide.

The automation infrastructure for today’s legal professionals.
How Gavel works
Gavel's document automation, commerce features, intake forms, and client portal are purpose-built for legal professionals, by legal professionals.
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Automate complex logic with Gavel's AI-enabled workflow builder
Graduate from “find and replace” to firm-wide document automation. Our robust logic capability lets you automate any process with internal or client intake data.
Charge for online legal products and services that are branded to your firm
Gavel's commerce features enable you to create "bundles" of workflows and set payment requirements with our Stripe integration. Build legal products with Gavel and brand them as your firm.
Reclaim 20+ hours a week with increased accuracy and speed
The more documents you automate with Gavel, the more time you free up to serve your clients, scale your practice, or live your life.
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Offer an intuitive, highly collaborative client experience.
Deliver frustration-free digital experiences to your clients that simplify coordination and connect with your firm’s internal operations.
Automate your client experience
Dynamic client intake forms
Intuitive, programmable onboarding flows for new clients or inbound lead collection that integrates with your website.
Client-facing collaboration tools
Custom portals let clients work on their own or collaborate with you and your team to collect information, access data, or review documents.
Secure, centralized client data
Every piece of inputted client data is centrally stored, searchable, and accessible from any document or workflow. 
Automate your client experience
Transformative tech for wherever you are (and wherever you want to go).
Limitless possibilities for attorneys, paralegals, and admins at firms of every size, shape, and stage.
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Easy to set up and customize
Start integrating Gavel into your work immediately and tailor every automation to the unique needs of your practice.
Deliver revenue-generating legal services online
Expand your reach to new clients with everything you need to start, run, and monetize the online side of your legal practice.
Reliable, always-on support
Expert guidance and automation assistance from a growing community of peers and the best customer support team around.
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Advancing the way legal professionals serve and reach clients.
Gavel is built by a dedicated team of lawyers and technologists committed to innovating on behalf of the legal profession. We’re working to keep every attorney competitive and future-ready.
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Any automation, every practice area
We’re changing the way attorneys and legal professionals practice every type of law.
Transforming the way law is practiced. But don’t take our word for it…
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“Love the simplicity of setup and the complexity of opportunities.”
Michael S.
Co-Founder and CEO of Smith Barid, LLC
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