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Automation lets you work more efficiently and offer a superior client experience so you can add more value to your corporate clients.

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Automate any part of your corporate law practice.
Modernize your corporate law practice with cutting-edge workflows, in-house innovation, and impeccable work product.
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Provide a stellar client experience
Allow clients to log into custom client portals that elevate your intake process, simplify client collaboration, and streamline internal processes.
More time for business development
Centralized data and powerful workflows boost efficiency, so you can reroute your time to serving clients, negotiating on their behalf, and growing your practice.
Create scalable new revenue paths
Expand your reach to more clients with everything you need to start, run, and monetize the online side of your legal practice.
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The automation infrastructure for corporate law.
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How corporate law firms do more with less.
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“Love the simplicity of setup and the complexity of opportunities. ”
Michael Smith
Co-Founder and CEO of Smith Barid, LLC
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