Word document automation that handles any level of complexity

Automatically generate Microsoft Word document sets based on intake form data, including any formatting you use in Word. Install Gavel's Word add-in and create an account to start automating your Word docs.

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Powerful Word document automation purpose-built for legal professionals
You have Microsoft Word documents with complex rules and special formatting. With Gavel, you can automate any level of complexity. Use client data/variables to dictate how your Word docs are generated, including complex logic, calculations, lists, and cross-references.
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Clients can enter intake data over multiple sessions; You generate documents in minutes
Gavel’s client-facing interface allows your clients to enter data at their own pace through a customizable intake workflow questionnaire. Gathering complex data like lists and nested lists? Gavel can handle it all.
Insert variables directly into your Word document with Gavel’s Word add-in
Work directly from Microsoft Word with Gavel’s Word add-in. Connect to your Gavel account and insert your workflow questionnaire’s variables and logic into your Word template. This means that anything you can do in Word, you can do in automated Gavel documents.
Collect client intake data that generates your Word docs with the click of a button
Automatically generate Word document sets by pulling data from a Gavel intake form, ensuring formatting is always consistent. Documents are always accurate and error-free because attorney’s rules are used.
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The automation infrastructure for today’s legal professionals.
Document automation that runs like magic.
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“Gavel is an integral tool in our practice. By utilizing the workflows to gather information from parties and generate documents, we have streamlined our processes in a way that saves so much administrative time. This allows us to focus our time on billable work.”
Joy Evams
Co-Founder of CP Closings LLC, and Senior Paralegal at Crestpoint Law, PLLC
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