Legal automation for your solo law practice

Take repetitive work off your desk, without hiring more help, so you can focus on serving and reaching clients.

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Secure and trusted by thousands of law firms and organizations worldwide.

Legal software for busy entrepreneurs
Powerful document and workflow automations, enhanced client experiences, and customizable commerce tools work together to help you move your firm forward.
Start automating
Get more done in less time
Convert any repeatable, multi-step task into powerful workflows that automate data collection and document drafting to save you time.
Streamlines every attorney-client interaction
From effortless onboarding to collaborative review of client data, files and documents review, Gavel lets you offer a stellar end-to-end client experience.
Generate online revenue
Custom commerce tools let you start, run, and monetize the online side of your legal practice to expand your reach to new clients.
Start automating
The automation infrastructure for today’s legal professionals.
Making small firms more efficient.
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“The platform is stable and intuitive. I was skeptical at first but this product exceeded my expectations.”
John Rife,
Attorney at Rife Law Firm
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