Everything you need to offer online legal services

Expand your reach to more clients with everything you need to start, run, and monetize the online side of your legal practice.

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Secure and trusted by thousands of law firms and organizations worldwide.

Increase your revenue earned, not time spent.
Scalable custom commerce tools enable you to open new revenue paths to serve more clients and expand your practice.
Start automating
Productize any legal service
Gavel lets you bundle any number of workflows into sleek, collaborative legal products you can deliver to clients with either a simple link or a fully customizable interface.
Secure, compliant payment collection
You set your price and payment requirements, and our secure integration with Stripe seamlessly collects, tracks, and routes payments according to your specs.
Custom branding
Make your firm stand out with customizable logo, branding, and messaging on every product you build.
Start automating
The automation infrastructure for today’s legal professionals.
Next-level efficiency for legal professionals.
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“Gavel is infinitely powerful, but also super easy to use. It can handle nested conditional logic and complex calculations. But what makes it stand out are the client-facing features.”
Erin L.
CEO/Founder, Hello Divorce
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