A more efficient and client-friendly approach to family law

Centralize case data, cut hours of drafting time, and easily collaborate with your clients throughout the entire life of a case with customizable automation.

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Secure and trusted by thousands of law firms and organizations worldwide.

Transform your family law practice with automation.
Powerful workflows take busy work off your desk so you can focus on your clients as they navigate divorce, custody battles, and other challenging family law matters.
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Easily onboard and collaborate with clients
Create custom client portals that simplify the information collection process, even for clients who have no prior experience working with an attorney.
Reclaim 20+ hours a week
Centralized data, powerful client-facing and internal workflows, and powerful document generation help you run a more efficient practice.
Offer uncontested matters online
Expand your reach to new clients with customizable, collaborative legal products you can securely offer to clients online with a simple link.
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The automation infrastructure for family law firms.
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Run more efficient, more human family law cases.
Try Gavel now for free
"Gavel is infinitely powerful, but also super easy to use. It can handle nested conditional logic and complex calculations. But what makes it stand out are the client-facing features."
Erin Levine,
Managing Attorney at HelloDivorce
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