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Document preparation in less time, client collaboration in real-time, with everything centralized in one place online.

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Automate any part of your real estate law practice.
Rapidly scale your real estate law practice by letting technology handle the big lift of data gathering and document generation.
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Offer an intuitive, online client experience
Create custom client portals that streamline your intake process and make it easy to gather info from clients any time, anywhere.
Fast, accurate, more powerful document preparation
Significantly slash drafting time by creating or updating perfect documents with any level of complexity, in a fraction of the time.
Spend your time closing deals, not preparing drafts
Centralized data and powerful workflows keep your documentation complete and unified, so you can spend time serving clients, negotiating, and finding new opportunities.
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The automation infrastructure for real estate law firms.
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Run more efficient, more human family law cases.
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"Gavel is an integral tool in our practice that allows us to focus our time on billable work."
Joy Evans
Co-Founder of CP Closings LLC, and Senior Paralegal at Crestpoint Law, PLLC
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