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Powerful automation technology lets you build, launch, and scale your dream product, without hiring a developer.

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Secure and trusted by thousands of law firms and organizations worldwide.

The backbone of your legal tech startup
Our end-to-end automation infrastructure makes it possible for you to deliver any legal service online, customized exactly to your vision, and then scale it.
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Productize any legal service
Bundle any number of workflows into sleek, collaborative legal products you can deliver to clients with a simple link or a fully customizable interface.
Collect and manage payments
You set your price and payment requirements, and our secure integration with Stripe seamlessly collects, tracks, and routes payments according to your specs.
Offer a stellar end-to-end client experience.
Logic-based automation lets you streamline every client touchpoint - from effortless onboarding to collaborative review of their documents.
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The automation infrastructure for today’s legal professionals.
Powering innovation in the legal field.
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“Gavel is infinitely powerful, but also super easy to use. It can handle nested conditional logic and complex calculations. But what makes it stand out are the client-facing features.”
Erin L.
CEO/Founder, Hello Divorce
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