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Reclaim your time by creating effortless, accurate automations to replace the repeatable parts of your legal practice.

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Reliable document creation and upkeep
Significantly slash drafting time by creating or updating perfect documents with any level of complexity, in a fraction of the time.
Offer an intuitive client experience
Create custom client portals that elevate your intake process and simplify client collaboration on any document or workflow.
Reclaim 20+ hours a week
Centralized data and powerful workflows keep your team unified and lean, so you can reroute your time to serving clients and growing your practice.
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The automation infrastructure for every legal practice.
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Streamlines and scales with your firm.
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“Gavel is so thorough, powerful, and comprehensive…every time our client uses it, it's like they have an attorney going step-by-step with them."
Chris Gottfried
Attorney at Horse.Law
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