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Use Gavel to build workflows that automatically generate your complex documents, then instantly trigger DocuSign eSignatures.

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Powerful document automation built for legal professionals
Gavel pairs DocuSign’s eSignature capabilities with the ability to add complex logic, calculations, and special formatting to your document templates. Eliminate the manual work necessary to repeatedly complete rules-based forms, contracts, and lengthy document sets–and get them signed instantly.
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Instantly send generated documents to DocuSign to obtain eSignatures
Automatically generate documents, collaborate with clients, and trigger DocuSign signatures at any point in your workflows.
Use variables as DocuSign signer values to have signatures go out automatically and eliminate duplicate data entry
Want your documents to automatically be sent for signature to a client’s email address, but don’t know the email address upfront? No problem. You can use variables (for example, each shareholder’s email address) to send documents out to multiple signatories after the data is entered into a client questionnaire.
Designate one or multiple signers or carbon copies with a routing order
Link DocuSign to Gavel to set up a custom routing order for multiple signers or send out carbon copies. Signed documents are posted back to your workflow session once complete and accessible in the client portal.
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The automation infrastructure for today’s legal professionals.
Like practicing law in the future.
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“Gavel is infinitely powerful, but also super easy to use. It can handle nested conditional logic and complex calculations. But what makes it stand out are the client-facing features.”
Erin L.
CEO/Founder, Hello Divorce
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