Centralized client data puts you in control

Collect, store, and manage client data to power any workflow, seamlessly collaborate with clients and your team, and optimize your firm’s operations.

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Secure and trusted by thousands of law firms and organizations worldwide.

A single source of truth for every client.
Dedicated, secure data storage for every client lets you easily reuse data to populate documents and power workflows.
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Once-and-done data collection
Gavel automatically organizes your client information into a secure data hub so that no detail ever needs to be entered more than once, and you can reuse it in future documents.
Versatile data management tools
User-friendly functionality lets you sort, filter, and search every piece of inputted data for increased visibility and insights into each client.
Plays well with others
Integrate with any internal software or data source to facilitate a seamless flow of information throughout your organization.
Start automating
The automation infrastructure for today’s legal professionals.
Better data control keeps law firms competitive.
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“Gavel transformed the way our work is built and delivered to clients. Drafting projects are expedited, mistakes are avoided, and time is saved leading to greater profitability and stronger relationships with clients.”
Josh Barrett,
Attorney at Emessay and Attorney/Principal at Matchstick Legal, Inc.
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