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Deliver exceptional service and serve more clients by automating any logic-based document, task, or process.

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Automate any part of your IP law practice.
Centralized data and powerful workflows boost efficiency, so you can reroute your time to serving clients and growing your practice.
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Stellar, collaborative client experience
Generate a secure workspace for every client to log in, enter information, access data, activate new workflows, review documents, and collaborate with you and your team.
Reliable document creation and upkeep
Significantly slash drafting time on patents, trademarks, copyrights, and any other kind of documents, however complex.
Sell routine document preparation services online
Expand your reach to more clients with everything you need to start, run, monetize, and scale the online side of your legal practice.
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The automation infrastructure for intellectual property law firms.
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The smart way to grow your IP law firm.
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"Gavel completely changed the trajectory of my legal career. Once I understood how to automate and scale my practice, I started thinking about how to turn my expertise into a product."
Brittany Hernandez
Founding Attorney of Cor Meum Law
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