How Gavel works

1. Create a workflow: a questionnaire to collect client information that will generate your legal document sets.
Here is a workflow that generates an advisor agreement. Try it out!

2. Insert the dynamic fields (aka variables) you want populated in your Word or PDF document sets.
a. Word doc
? Install the Word Add-In to get started.
b. PDF
? Insert variables on Gavel's platform.

3. Upload your Word or PDF document sets with inserted variables to your workflow.

4. Run the workflow and share the intake questionnaire link.

5. Your document is ready after the questionnaire is completed!

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Want to monetize your workflows?
Gavel offers scalable custom commerce tools for leagl professionals. Open new revenue paths, reach more clients, and expand your practice.
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"Bundle" workflows to generate document sets when your intake forms are completed
With bundles, you can collect your workflows into a group (a “bundle”). E.g. One of our customers built Doss Docs, a mortgage loan documents generator, with Gavel.
Collect payments with Gavel's secure Stripe integration
Connect your Stripe account to Gavel to collect flat rate payments for each bundle of workflows. You can also offer your bundles for free.
Share bundle links to generate revenue
If you would like to give someone access to a bundle, you can share the link with them. Recipients gain access to the workflow questionnaires upon payment.
Clients can save their progress
After starting a bundle's intake questionnaire, clients can create accounts to save their progress and review completed workflows. However, saving progress is optional.
Start automating
The automation infrastructure for today’s legal professionals.
Document automation that runs like magic.
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“Love the simplicity of setup and the complexity of opportunities. ”
Michael S.
Michael Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of Smith Barid, LLC
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