Automate Powerful Document Generation via API with Gavel

Gavel’s robust and modern API is designed for developers and organizations looking to automate the creation of document sets at scale with client data collected across any other system.

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Document Generation via API!
Whether you're integrating with your in-house IT or building a new application, Gavel's API provides the flexibility and power you need.
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Why Choose Gavel's Document Generation API?
  • Streamlined Integration: Easily connect our API with your systems to start generating documents right away.
  • Powerful Workflows and Complex Data Handling: Tailor document creation to fit your specific needs, using your data and our powerful logic.
  • Scalability: Handle any volume of document generation, from a few documents a day to thousands per hour, without compromising performance.
Key Features
  • Dynamic Data Handling: Gavel can handle complex data (like loops and nested loops, which we call “repeating items”). Input your data, and our API will transform it into perfectly formatted document sets based on your predefined rules.
  • Generate Word and PDF Documents: Gavel can generate Microsoft Word, .docx, and PDF document types, or any combination thereof.
  • Comprehensive Documentation and Support: Access detailed API documentation and our expert support team to ensure smooth implementation and operation.
  • Secure by Design: All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, and all calls are made through HTTPS.
Gavel’s document generation API is affordably priced. Our enterprise tier ($417/mo*) gives you 1,500 document generation API calls per month along with all of Gavel’s powerful enterprise features. Each API call can include multiple documents and multiple pages per document. Then, it’s $320 for each additional block of 1,000 document generations per month.
*Paid annually
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The automation infrastructure for today’s legal professionals.
Document automation that runs like magic.
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"Gavel gave us the ability to quickly automate processes and document sets, saving our users and attorneys significant time and making our documents consistent and easy to prepare."
Timothy Fox, Director of Practice Intelligence Analytics
and Data at Ogletree Deakins
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