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Word Document Templates (Part V, Formatting Words)

Learn how to format words in your Docasssemble templates and interviews.

Documate is a no-code solution to creating Docassemble document automation interviews. One of the biggest challenges to using Docassemble, the powerful document assembly platform (and more!), is knowing how to use Jinja and Mako syntaxes in your Word (.docx) documents so that you can customize your legal documents and agreements. In this article, we teach you about how to set up your Docassemble template for words, conjugations, and cases.

This article will teach you how to format words in your Word (.docx) templates. Here's an easy guide to the syntax to use to make your numbers appear in a particular way.

The "variable" is the variable name you've used in your interview.

Docassemble Documate Word Formatting Template Jinja Mako

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Documate makes it easy to create Docassemble interviews without using any code. The platform is a two-tabbed user-friendly software that allows you to create all the questions that are relevant to your documents, and populate them into your documents, allowing them to dictate the flow of your documents.

Documate's Word add-in is also available in the Microsoft app store for Docassemble templating of words, plural use, and conjugations, which eliminates the need to use Jinja syntax on Documate. Use our software to learn code or to never have to code - ever!

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