Documate is now Gavel! Read more about why we’re excited about this rebrand.

Documate is now Gavel


Documate is now Gavel

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Documate has rebranded as Gavel! Read about our rebrand and our big plans for the product below.

Exciting news: Documate is now Gavel. Why are we rebranding?

At Documate, we are laser-focused on bringing you the best document automation software - in both ease of use and power. Every day, customers switch from full development teams or code-based legacy systems to Documate, allowing them to seamlessly set up complex document sets.

With our new name, we are renewing our commitment to building the best document automation platform. But, as so many of you have shown us, our platform delivers much more. 

Today, Documate is used for full intake and workflow automation, to build expert systems, and to host client portals. For our law firm customers, Documate has become the foundation of how you collect and manage data, collaborate with clients, generate work product, and package your services as online legal products to scale your practice.

Our new name reflects this expansion and our focus on legal productization.

For centuries, the gavel has been used to express finality in decision-making - final decisions generated through a trusted process. Now, Gavel will help you turn process, law, and services into customizable legal products that bring value to your clients at scale. Gavel will be your central source of truth for documents, data, client collaboration, and monetizing legal products.

Gavel has big plans for 2023.

To accelerate the next phase of our growth, Pierre Martin has joined us as Chief Technology Officer, and we have raised additional venture funding. You may have seen that we are releasing features at a rapid rate - just one of the many ways we are doubling down on our commitment to supporting you. We also have a variety of additional client portal and data management features on the horizon. See our product updates here, and please upvote features you want to see on our wishlist here

Beyond the Gavel platform, we will continue our support for innovation in the legal field to improve access to justice. We have big plans for our legal product marketplace and for expanding legal tech education initiatives to law students. We are also working to provide more educational resources for attorneys to expand their services and improve their daily lives.

We are tremendously grateful to you for your support and feedback. You are the reason we wake up every morning, and we cannot wait to continue building the future of legal services for you in 2023 and beyond.

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