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Word for Lawyers: Auto-Numbering Discovery or Pleadings in Microsoft Word

So, you're creating document automation workflows, but you still need some of Microsoft Word's functions, including numbering discovery and pleadings in Microsoft Word?  Documate can help.  Here's how you can create automatic numbering in word for your discovery responses:

  • 1. Optional: Turn on Paragraph display in the Home Ribbon so you can see how many spaces you are including.
  • 2. Type in your desired discovery sequence. I'm going to use "Interrogatory No." as an example:
Interrogatory Number.png
  • 3. Go to the Insert tab. Click on the Quick Parts or Text dropdown.  Choose Field.
Insert Tab.png
  • 4. Scroll down on the Field Names and choose SEQ.
SEQ Tab in Word.png
  • 5. Name your numbering sequence by a name into the "Field Codes" textbox (see image below).  I chose to name my sequence "Int" for "Interrogatory."
Name Field Code Int.png
  • 6. Click the Options button.
  • 7. You will be presented with the Field Options.  Then, under Formatting, choose the type of numbering you want.  Below, I have selected Arabic Numbering, which will give me a 1, 2, 3, ... sequence of numbers.  Click Add to Field.
Add Arabic Numbers to the FIeld.png
  • 8. Staying on the Field Options page, click the Field Specific Switches tab on the top right.  Choose the \n option (see below), which will ensure that your numbers appear incrementally.  Click Add to Field.
Field Options.png
  • 9. Click "Ok."  You should see "SEQ Int\* Arabic\n".  Click "Ok" and your Interrogatory numbering will be populated.

Documate is a document automation software company that allows you to take your templates and forms (in Microsoft Word or PDF) and turn them into intelligent workflows.  You can take advantage of numbering pleadings, contracts, and discovery in Microsoft Word when you select your conditional paragraphs and phrases.

Need help with any other functions while you're automating, including numbering discovery in Microsoft Word or any more complex automation needs?  Reach out at [email protected] or use the live chat button on or have one of our document automation specialists help you.

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