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Lisa Araquistain

**Lisa isn't taking new clients right now. She will be available again on August 1, 2024!** Lisa has worked as a legal tech specialist for the past 5 years, with experience in document automation, integrations, and system design/implementation in a diverse range of practice areas. The goal of her work focuses on collaborating with legal professionals to build and/or maintain systems that leverage a range of tech tools, enabling firms to streamline their processes and maximize the potential of their workflow.

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Lisa isn't taking new clients right now. She will be available again on August 1, 2024!

I specialize in designing efficient, reliable systems through a wide range of technical skills I have developed during my 10+ years of experience as a software engineer and 5 years as a legal tech specialist. My technical skills expand beyond document automation, including system design/implementation, data architecture, and integration. In addition to the complex design/customization projects I have completed with Gavel, I also have extensive experience with Clio Manage and integrating it with Gavel. Other platforms that I have experience in that have proven to be valuable in my collaboration with legal firms include Zapier, Lawmatics, Lawcus, Clio Grow, and Smokeball.

My process for document automation begins with creating a system map using a template I designed for use in all my projects. Organizing the system data in this way allows me to see the “big picture” and supports efficiency by preventing me from having to sift through the workflow to find information when refining the system (if needed) and coding the output documents. After I have determined what information is flowing from where I implement the design or redesign in Gavel.

What else I geek out to: meditation techniques, the mental game, pickleball.

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