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Lisa Araquistain

Lisa is a document automation specialist who has expertise in integrations and has worked with a wide variety of legal practice areas. She enjoys collaborating with legal professionals and helping people achieve their vision.

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I enjoy designing systems to make things more efficient and reliable, and I have a wide range of technical skills. I've been designing/customizing Documate projects for over a year now and have worked on several different projects. Most of these projects have been quite complex. I love solving problems and am a sharp independent thinker who is focused and kind. I'm well-versed in the Documate-Clio integration and in using Zapier. I have a degree in software engineering and have been working in legal tech for 5 years. I also have the following expertise:

1. Clio expert (including document automation, Clio Grow and Manage).

2. Intermediate Zapier developer, quickly becoming an expert.

3. Experience with Lawmatics, Lawcus & Smokeball.

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