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Get The Opt Out Request to National Credit Bureaus App

Better than a template and created by a lawyer. Try this legal app. Our Opt Out Requests is to request that the credit reporting agencies stop selling your data for prescreened offers of credit. The letter will opt of those prescreened offers for a number of the credit reporting agencies that sell your credit data without your permission. Federal law requires the credit bureaus to honor these requests. The letter includes a distribution list and formatted envelopes.

You can use this tool to generate your own opt out letter. By opting out, you will eliminate the credit card offers that can be intercepted by ID thieves. This tool also generates a distribution list and envelopes. Remember to save a copy of this letter with your other important credit documents.
We don't collect any data from these request letters and the responses can be emailed or downloaded directly to MS Word. If you need instructions on how to order your credit report, check out our page on How to Order Your Credit Reports. Feel free to call our office to discuss any errors you find at (888) 400-CREDIT | (888) 400-2733 or contact us through this site. In Michigan, you can reach our office at (248) 208-8864.

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Consumer Lawyers

Lyngklip & Associates Consumer Law Center, PLC, is Michigan's leading consumer protection firm, focusing on credit reporting and identity theft issues. We have dedicated ourselves to representing Michigan consumers and helping our clients throughout every step of the way.

We have over 20 years of experience representing consumers in their disputes with finance companies, credit bureaus, debt collectors and repossession agencies. Lyngklip & Associates has been representing consumers, we have earned the recognition of our peers, judges, regulators, and legislators.

(248) 208-8864

Created by

Ian Lyngklip
Senior Attorney
Attorney Ian B. Lyngklip graduated summa cum laude from the University of Detroit Mercy Law School and began practicing law in 1992. Since 1995, Mr. Lyngklip has focused his practice on consumer matters, and litigated those cases primarily in the federal court system since 2000. He graduated from the Trial Lawyers College in August, 2011.
Brandy Moore
Senior Paralegal
Paralegal, Brandy Alexis Moore has been in the legal field for over 20 years. Shortly after graduating from college, she pursued a career as a paralegal, working in several different fields of law. Her passion for law can be traced back to her start as a legal secretary for a debt collection firm at the age of 19. Ms. Moore currently works for Lyngklip & Associates where she assists the team with litigation to protect and advocate the rights of everyday people from dishonest tactics. She has substantial knowledge of lawsuit anatomy and takes great satisfaction in supporting the attorneys at Consumer Law.

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Jurisdictions Covered
USA - All States
Who is this app for?
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