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Get The Wyoming Expungement App

Better than a template and created by a lawyer. Try this legal app. This free tool allows you to expunge misdemeanor records in Wyoming.

The Freeburg Law firm built this free tool that generates accurate, quality expungement documents.

This is a DIY option for those who want to get the ball rolling on an expungement, if they’re not ready or able to hire an attorney, and it is a free way for people to help themselves.

The tool generates documents to petition Wyoming courts to expunge misdemeanor convictions and arrests. 

After the petitioner fills out the form, they download their documents in PDF or Word format to submit to the Court.

What documents does the tool create?

  • The first document is the Petition for Expungement. It asks the court to consider sealing the record. It identifies the petitioner and the case numbers for the records to be expunged.

  • The second document is the Proposed Order for Expungement. The judge signs it to grant the petition. It contains the instructions for the court to complete the expungement.

  • The tool also generates letters for the prosecuting attorney and the Division of Criminal Investigation. The petitioner must send them copies of the expungement documents before the judge considers the expungement. The prosecutor and investigators have 30 days to submit any objections to the court.

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Freeburg Law

Freeburg Law, LLC has been handling personal injury and criminal defense matters for decades.

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Created by

Alex Freeburg
Founding Member (Freeburg Law)
Alex Freeburg, personal injury attorney in Jackson, Wyoming, started as a criminal defense attorney. He saw how criminal records can hold people back from getting good jobs, so he built a free tool that generates accurate, quality expungement documents.
Ethan Morris
Since joining Freeburg Law in October 2019, Ethan has committed himself to serving individuals that have been affected by negligent acts and criminal incidents occurring in Wyoming. Ethan prides himself on going the extra mile for his clients and serves up his own brand of Southern hospitality to guide them through difficult times. He became an attorney to help those with nowhere else to turn, and Freeburg Law allows him to advance that goal. He works with the Freeburg Law team day in and day out to solve client problems, no matter how large or small. In 2021, Ethan was part of a trial team that achieved justice for a woman that was seriously injured when she fell into a pit that was left open and unattended by a plumbing company. The plumbing company did not place any warning signs or barriers around the pit and walked off the job site without notifying the woman of the open pit. Prior to filing suit the insurance company made an offer to settle the case that we thought was too low. So we filed suit, took the case to a jury trial, and obtained five times the amount that the insurance company offered pre-suit. Ethan fights for his clients and is not deterred by insurance companies that fail to value the deep and lasting effects that negligent acts have on injured parties.
Rachel Berkness
Rachel graduated from the University of California Berkeley Law School. After several years with the State, Rachel wanted to explore the fast-paced life of a felony prosecutor. She has handled thousands of cases, including those involving victims of violent crimes like child sex assault and attempted murder. As a prosecutor, Rachel was in court every day and has tried nine cases before a jury.

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Jurisdictions Covered
Who is this app for?
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