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The Ultimate Guide on How to Build Legal Products


The Ultimate Guide on How to Build Legal Products

Table of Contents

Law firms are turning their services into legal products. This guide explains how to build an end-to-end legal product that drives efficiency for your firm and generates new forms of revenue, including defining your scope and audience and structuring new billing models.

Turning legal services into legal products can be done by creating document automation workflows and legal apps, and by structuring new revenue models.  To build legal products, you'll want to think strategically about the process of scoping, building, and launching your legal products.  We created this series on "productizing legal services" to educate you on what we and our clients have found to be most successful.  We cover everything from defining your initial audience, to legal startup software to help you build, to marketing and monetizing your legal applications.


Before the Build: Scoping Your Project

Inspiration for Your Own "TurboTax" for Law

After the Build: Launching, Marketing, and Monetizing Legal Applications

  • Building a Custom Landing Page and Payment System:  Documaters can use our Stripe integration to collect payments as they build legal products, but these websites allow you to further customize your landing page, payment, membership & client account process
  • Legal Service Delivery Revenue Models: How to monetize your legal apps through alternative fee structures - everything from flat fees to subscription-based recurring revenue models
  • Legal Ethics Precautions to TakeWe walk you through a history of the legal ethics rules around productization, and the types of disclaimers to ensure you have if you don't want to create an attorney-client relationship with your product
  • Common Legal Questions: Legal Qs about building legal products. Legal information or advice?

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Productizing Your Law Firm to Create More Revenue through Legal Apps

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