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How Hello Divorce built their platform on Documate

Create DIY client forms
Market your workflows as standalone products
Reach new audiences through technology
Properly price your legal products

Join a conversation with Erin Levine of Hello Divorce (built on Documate), moderated by Maddy Martin of, to learn about how to build your own legal products. This is part one of a two part series.

Nothing beats the personalized experience an attorney can bring, but all that personalized attention takes work. And it's not always appreciated nor necessary. Now, thanks to affordable automation tools, small-firm lawyers of even modest means can create exceptional legal products on their own, without a computer science degree -- and quite quickly find themselves beating out LegalZoom for clients from a client-service perspective. There's no need for the consumer to choose high-tech or high-touch when boutique lawyers bring both expertise and efficiency to the table.

Join moderator Maddy Martin of Virtual Receptionists for a conversation with two of the leading experts in DIY legal products: Erin Levine of HelloDivorce and Dorna Moini of Documate.

Together, they address proven methods for lawyers to accelerate profits and productivity through income-generating legal products, new revenue models, and strategically timed "service upsells."

Watch the session here:

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