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Case Study

How JusTech Built & Marketed a Legal Tech Tool that Went Viral

Case Study

How JusTech Built & Marketed a Legal Tech Tool that Went Viral

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In 2020, JusTech built a consumer legal tool on Documate that went viral. Now, they've launched a new company to help SMBs in Canada to comply with data breach reporting obligations.

Last year, at the height of the pandemic, the team behind jusTech created a consumer legal tool, Covid Cancellations DOT Complaint Generator, to assist passengers with filing formal complaints with the US DOT against airlines that refuse to refund cancelled flights. The tool, which was built on Documate, generated a legal complaint with exhibits in just a few minutes. It went viral, being used by tens of thousands of consumers and featured across numerous news publications.

Now, the team has launched a new company, jusTech, to help small and medium businesses in Canada to comply with data breach reporting obligations.

Data breach reporting costs SMBs significant time and money. Privacy breaches are extremely common, with 25% of Canadian organizations experiencing some form of a data breach last year. When these breaches occur, reporting them is imperative – failure to do so can bring fines of up to $100,000 against the organization. However, this reporting process is time consuming, and it can be costly.

In response, jusTech has created a free tool, built on Documate, that automates this process. This most recent product has also gained notoriety. It was featured in publications like CityNews Montreal, won a Pan-Canada Tech Law award, and garnered attention from the Minister for Small Businesses and Red Tape Reduction and President of Shopify, Harley Finkelstein.

Video: Watch the jusTech team describe the data breach reporting product on CityNews

Ritesh Kotak’s experience with Documate’s powerful, no-code platform made it a perfect fit for building jusTech’s breach reporting tool.

From their experience building and marketing the flight refund tool, the jusTech team knew that Documate's powerful document and workflow automation capabilities would allow them to build a tool with complex logic without requiring any computer programming knowledge, allowing the three founders to focus on what they knew best – this area of law, and increasing access to justice for these businesses. 

Without a tool like jusTech, the breach reporting process requires businesses to retain professional services to draft and submit  the required paperwork. This is time consuming, complex and expensive. jusTech allows this process to be completed by simply filling out a short set of questions – which require no legal or technical experience.

Traditional Breach Reporting Process

Breach Reporting Process with jusTech

With less time required to set up the document automation, the jusTech team was able to create cyber security and privacy training modules, which they offer as a component of their free product.

The document automation toolkit allowed jusTech to affordably launch a tool to a quickly-growing audience. Scalability is key to traction, recognition and marketing.

Decreased setup time and cost
By using Documate, the JusTech team was able to build and launch a product in less than six months. Because of the user-friendly, no-code system, the team did not have to hire a developer. They used the following parts of the no-code toolkit to build their product:

  1. Questionnaire builder that guides the end user through the platform with images and videos;
  2. Documents that generate at each step of the process;
  3. Connections with outside databases using Zapier and the API.

Increased response rate and capacity for clients
Scalability was key to allowing the system to go viral. Once the team got traction for their product, they had tens of thousands of users accessing the workflow.

The complex logic and dynamic document generation allows the jusTech team to set up their questionnaire and documents once, and then allow for use by an unlimited number of end users.

Completely white-labeled product
jusTech completely custom-branded their document automation questionnaires. The end user of jusTech sees a custom web domain and the jusTech logo. Documate also allowed them to apply custom CSS styles that match the buttons and colors of their main website for a fully bespoke experience.

Through powerful native integrations and multi-language capabilities, Documate will help jusTech scale globally while remaining compliant with local rules.

Image: jusTech's client-facing questionnaire guides the user to the right document sets

Connect with almost anything through Zapier
Through a native integration with Zapier, the JusTech team is creating complex dashboards for their clients. They are also in the process of using the integration to build complex logic that automates a referral network. Once a user generates their documents, they will be directed to local experts who will assist them with a range of additional services such as document review to digital forensic support.

Translate workflows into multiple languages easily
Easy duplication and translation of workflows allowed jusTech to launch their tool in English and French. As they continue to grow, jusTech can duplicate workflows to scale geographically – the jusTech team plans to take their tool global!

If you're interested in learning more about how Documate can help you build and market your legal product, book a time on our calendar and we would love to strategize with you.

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