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10 ways to automate document generation with Zapier

Using Zapier to automate your client intake with Gavel
Automating Microsoft Word documents
Automating fillable PDF forms

10 ways to automate document generation with Zapier

Using Zapier to automate your client intake with Gavel
Automating Microsoft Word documents
Automating fillable PDF forms

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10 ways to automate your document generation with Zapier, including using a client intake to automatically create Word or PDF documents.


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In the legal industry, document automation is not just a convenience; it's a necessity for efficiency and accuracy. Gavel, a powerful document automation tool, when integrated with Zapier, an intermediary tool that connects different software applications, creates a dynamic duo for legal professionals. This integration enhances Gavel's capabilities, allowing law firms to automate not just the creation but also the management of documents, including Word and PDF formats. Let's explore ten ways legal professionals can harness the power of Gavel and Zapier for document automation.

1. Seamless Integration for New Case Document Automation

Using Zapier, Gavel can automatically trigger the creation of new case documents upon receiving data from other software systems like CRM platforms. This integration ensures that the moment a new case is initiated, all necessary documents are prepared without manual input.

2. Efficient Client Onboarding

Automate the generation of client onboarding documents in Gavel by triggering actions through Zapier from client management systems. Personalized engagement letters and agreements can be automatically created, ensuring a smooth start to client relationships.

3. Automating Mailing of Physical Documents

Integrate Gavel with mailing services such as Lob via Zapier. This setup enables the automatic printing and mailing of documents generated in Gavel, like contracts or legal notices, directly to clients or relevant parties.

4. Real Estate Document Automation

Zapier can trigger Gavel to automatically generate real estate documents like purchase agreements or lease contracts whenever a new property is listed in a real estate CRM system. This automation speeds up transaction processing in real estate law.

5. Streamlining Estate Planning with Automated Documents

For estate planning, Gavel can use data inputs from client consultation tools (connected via Zapier) to automatically generate tailored wills and trusts, reducing manual drafting time and ensuring document accuracy.

6. Simplifying Family Law Documentation

Family law requires sensitivity and efficiency. Automate the creation of documents like custody agreements in Gavel, triggered by case information from family law practice management tools via Zapier.

7. Corporate Law Document Generation

In corporate law, use Zapier to connect Gavel with business management systems, automating the generation of corporate documents such as NDAs and governance documents, ensuring compliance and timeliness.

8. Selling Automated Legal Products

Create and sell legal templates or advice packages by using Gavel to automate document creation, with sales and distribution processes managed through various platforms connected via Zapier.

9. Automating Word and PDF Document Processing

  • Word Documents: Automate the generation of Word documents in Gavel for various legal needs, using Zapier to pull data from different sources like email or client databases.
  • PDF Documents: Utilize Gavel to automatically convert and manage legal documents in PDF format, ensuring secure and universally accessible documents, with triggers set up through Zapier from other software tools.

10. Continuous Process Improvement

Implement feedback loops using Zapier to connect client feedback tools with Gavel. Automatically update and improve document templates based on ongoing client inputs and legal requirements.

The synergy between Gavel and Zapier offers unparalleled efficiency in legal document automation. By intelligently integrating various software tools with Gavel's document automation capabilities via Zapier, legal firms can not only save time and reduce errors but also provide a higher level of service to their clients. As the legal industry continues to evolve with technology, leveraging these tools will become increasingly essential.


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