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Case Study

FreshLease Builds Residential Lease Generator

Case Study

FreshLease Builds Residential Lease Generator

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How attorney Nick Graham built FreshLease, an online software to generate up to date residential leases, anytime, anywhere.

Residential Lease Generator Software

FreshLease is an expert system helping landlords create a professional, up-to-date lease anytime, anywhere.  They've built a sophisticated residential lease generator that they are constantly updating to meet the ever-changing state of the law and best practices.  We interviewed attorney and founder Nick Graham, a partner at the law firm Strang Parish & Graham on his process and how he turned his expertise into a valuable and efficient tool for landlords.  We also get a sneak peak into new content they're building to inform and educate landlords.

Tell us about yourself in one sentence.

Husband and father with a knack for building systems that matter for people who care.

You recently launched a residential lease generator.  Can you tell us about what you saw in the field that led you to want to set up an expert system for leases?  What was the “a-ha” moment that led you to build an automation platform?

The problem: Landlords (particularly those self-managing properties) seldom call lawyers to draft residential leases.  Instead, most Landlords search Google - or ask a well-meaning friend who did - and prepare their own.  These leases are often outdated, poorly written, and expose Landlords to unnecessary liability. 

The “ah-ha” moment: When clients use a lease I’ve drafted(which is routinely updated), they seldom have problems.  And when they do, it makes my job easy.  In my experience, most landlord/tenantlitigation could have been avoided with a “better” lease.  So, we built an automated platform whereLandlords can access a professional, up-to-date lease on their own time andterms.

What steps did you go through to setup the platform?

Two things: we built a website, then connected a platform.  The website conveys what we do and why Landlords should care.  The platform was built, of course, on Documate (conditional logic, repeating variables, etc.).  Documate allows the lease to become a “living” document that adapts to the Landlord’s needs.  The rest is history.

What have been the most successfulmethods of marketing your automated platform?

Todate, we’ve largely relied on word-of-mouth. That said, we’re launching a series of videos (tips, stories, legalupdates, etc.) to raise awareness and - most importantly - trust.  We’re very clear on who FreshLease is (andisn’t) for.  We’re proud that FreshLeaseisn’t for every Landlord.  So, we tellstories to Landlords that want to listen.   

What does FreshLease do differently with its residential lease generator that brings unique value to your clients?

Attorneydrafted leases are a dime a dozen.  SmartLandlords aren’t impressed that a lawyer drafted the document.  Rather, they seek a lease that is continuallyupdated as laws and industry best practices change.  We do that better than the rest.

What are the biggest mistakes you see lawyers make when drafting leases or other documents for clients? 

We often quip that most leases prepared by attorneys bear anuncomfortable resemblance to the dusty file cabinets from the law offices whichthey came.  Lawyers are busy practicinglaw.  Carefully monitoring one specificarea and updating their documents accordingly (without a paying client to bill)simply doesn’t happen. 

Even worse, attorneys are occasionally exposed when theirdocuments inadvertently use the wrong pronoun or - we’ve been told - the nameof a former client.  Ouch.  With FreshLease, Members receive anup-to-date lease (incorporating the latest legal developments) and noembarrassing clerical errors (thanks Documate!). 

Are there any books or podcasts thatyou recommend for lawyers who want to follow in your footsteps?

Books: The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It by Michael Gerber.  Argues quite convincingly that your systems (not your smarts) will determine your success.  Also, Clockwork: Design Your Business to Run Itself by Mike Michalowicz is another great book regarding “automating” any business (applies to a law practice, too).

Podcasts: Work the System with Josh Fonger discusses workings “on” your business rather than “in'' your business.  Akimbo with Seth Godin will challenge you to see things others miss (and other impressive riffs on making change happen).

What would you be doing if youweren’t a lawyer?

Findinginteresting problems to solve, then building automated systems to deliver thesolution. 

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