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Converting Documents from Word Perfect to Microsoft Word


Converting Documents from Word Perfect to Microsoft Word

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How to convert Word Perfect (WPD) documents into Microsoft Word (DOCX) documents

In this article, we show you how to convert Word Perfect (WPD) documents into Microsoft Word (DOCX) documents using WPD Converter. Note that we are not affiliated with WPD Converter, but simply wish to make our users aware of this useful tool.

Although Word Perfect is a powerful word processing tool and a standard program of many law offices, it hasn’t been able to keep up with the formatting and style options that are now becoming the norm. As law offices look to document automation software like Documate to save their office time and money, they are finding it hard to utilize their Word Perfect documents.

Many clients feel overwhelmed by the Word Perfect docs they already use, but they want to convert them to Microsoft Word or DOCX documents to automate them on document automation software like Documate. We found an app that converts Word Perfect Documents (WPD) into clean and formatted Microsoft Word documents (DOCX).

The WPD Converter takes batches of Word Perfect documents and converts them to DOCX (as well as PDF or RFT). It also works maintains fonts and sizes and matches most paragraph formatting (such as bullets, outlines, and breaks). While other conversion applications will convert the language, most of the formatting will not transfer, and it can come out confusing and garbled. The WPD Converter app has the most seamless conversion we have seen.

It has an intuitive interface to “Add Files/Folders” uploading multiple WPDs or even a folder of WPDs.

converting word perfect to microsoft word

There are multiple export options to choose from, depending on how you’d like to automate them. I always convert to DOCX first and then make any necessary edits before converting the DOCX to PDF if I am needing a PDF of that document. However, if you are confident in converting directly to PDF, that is available.

convert wpd to docx

Exporting is as easy as choosing your destination path (the default is to ask for a destination folder) and clicking the "Export All" button:

export wpd documents as microsoft word documents

Voila! You now have DOCX versions of your original Word Perfect documents:

Word Perfect to Microsoft Word

As with any document conversion or automation, the output document is only as good as the input document you uploaded to the converter or automation site. If you do not have any formatting in your WPD then it will not translate into the DOCX. However, if you have basic headers and outlines, they should transfer to the DOCX with only minor tweaks and edits to fit your desired layout.

We hope this helps, and happy automating!

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