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Branding 101: How to Make Your Legal App Stand Out


Branding 101: How to Make Your Legal App Stand Out

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How to market your legal product to make it stand out.

Guest post written by Stephanie Marx

Branding and marketing your legal app in the modern, tech-obsessed era is no picnic. In this era, digital branding is king. And establishing and maintaining a presence in such a highly competitive landscape can be difficult for brands, let alone brands in the legal profession. Whether you’re an individual attorney or a partner at a law firm, here are some of the things you can do to ensure that your digital branding efforts are not put to waste.

Hire a Professional Digital Marketing Specialist or Team

The digitization of branding and marketing has opened up the legal sector to people who study and practice different subjects – not just in the technical fields but in the creative ones as well. This increasingly rapid digital transformation has in fact led to an increased demand for those who have been trained in navigating the digital space for the purposes of branding. Case in point, Maryville University’s list of career paths for digital media degree holders shows how creative thinkers and digital strategists are now in high demand in the modern workplace. In the last couple years, these professionally trained digital media students have become increasingly crucial to the legal industry’s presence on the web.

As a 2019 Statista survey of leading American law firms reveals that 97.4% of respondents were on LinkedIn, 84.2% were on Twitter, 65.8% were on Facebook, and 15.8% were on Instagram. Establishing your firm’s presence on these sites will be easier if you’re backed by a team or a digital specialist who has spent years studying how to stand out in these branding-saturated spaces.

Utilize the Various Digital Tools at Hand for Marketing Your Legal Apps

With a digital marketing specialist or team at your back, it’ll be easier to determine which of the many available digital tools can help your brand to stand out. Apart from the aforementioned social media sites, which are crucial for bagging a variety of clients, you’ll also need front-end applications to accommodate the clients you’ll attract.  Online no-code services like Webflow and Squarespace for instance, can allow you to create custom websites for the purpose of document automation. The websites created on these platforms can then be linked to your social media accounts or main website, streamlining the way clients can access your services.

You can also check out Documate’s guide to building a legal intake app, which will allow you to accommodate clients who prefer to do business with a few taps on their phone. Work closely with your digital specialists in determining which of these options can best represent you – and attract the right clients – online.

Create and Maintain a Legal Blog

The same website creation tools mentioned above can also be used to create an informative blog that tackles the legal services you offer and for marketing your legal apps. In this blog, it’s best to discuss not just the most common cases on your table, but the most pressing legal issues of the day as well. This is your chance to express your best legal opinions on the issues that matter to a variety of sectors in society. Not only will this allow you to establish your brand as a voice of authority in your particular specializations, it can also attract those who are in need of your specific services.

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