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The 12 Best Clio Integrations For Every Kind Of Lawyer - 2024 Breakdown


The 12 Best Clio Integrations For Every Kind Of Lawyer - 2024 Breakdown

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Looking for the best Clio integrations to scale your practice? Review our breakdown to discover which integrations will help you save time, better serve clients, and scale your practice. Try our top recommended Clio integrations within each bucket to help your small or solo firm grow more efficiently.

In today's ever-evolving legal landscape, technology and automation have emerged as pivotal tools for streamlining legal, operational, and administrative processes. They not only enhance efficiency but also provide the foundation for scalable law firm operations. For those who have chosen Clio as their practice management software, the good news is that an impressive array of integrations is at their disposal to help navigate the intricacies of legal practice. These integrations enable the creation of automatic workflows for a more efficient practice. They also facilitate the integration and management of data and information within the firm, with Clio acting as the single source of truth, offering a comprehensive view of data storage and sharing across various aspects of the practice. 

If you’re a solo or small firm practitioner, review this article to find the top Clio integrations, with a focus on those best suited for law firm administration and those tailored for managing legal work. To explore the complete list of Clio integrations, you can also visit the Clio App Directory.

Overall Best Integrations:


Gavel has been acclaimed as one of Clio’s best integrations and our favorite document automation platform. It revolutionizes document automation to enhance the efficiency of both law firms and their clients. Once templates or documents have been prepared, the Gavel-Clio integration empowers firms to use client data from the Clio platform to simplify document population, and the level of complexity you can incorporate into your documents with Gavel is very powerful. Documents can also automatically be saved back to the specific client matter. By centralizing all documents within Clio, Gavel contributes to the creation of a "single source of truth" - client and matter information is saved right alongside documents. Gavel also allows for the creation of client-facing workflows for the effortless collection of client intake data. Beyond that, Gavel offers extensive support, including payment integrations, file uploads, video capabilities, and even white labeling options.

Set up is easy, and support is available 7 days a week. If you’d prefer to have someone build your integration and workflows, the Gavel automation team can assist to ensure a smooth integration setup process. 


As an attorney, you’re likely always aiming to generate and onboard new clients. With the Lawmatics-Clio integration, you can make the process from potential to signed client seamless. Lawmatics is a powerful marketing management, intake management, and CRM platform. Its integration with Clio automatically creates a new matter in Clio upon the conversion from lead generation to client, without the need for time spent towards duplicative data entry. It also drastically cuts down on time spent for client onboarding. Notably, this is only a one way integration so any data or information added to Clio will not be sent back to Lawmatics. The power of Lawmatics’ tools and reporting combined with Clio’s robust platform allows attorneys to be more productive and increase client volume with more efficiency. As a plus, Lawmatics also integrates with Gavel for the document automation.


Gmail new logo transparent PNG - StickPNG

Streamlining email management, the Gmail integration enables the swift filing of emails and attachments into Clio matters, even in bulk. For this, workflows can be configured to automatically save files to matters and send emails when new activities are logged or status changes occur, delivering an enhanced client experience. The integration also allows for adding of contacts from Gmal to Clio. These features help maintain complete and accurate records of matters, transactions, and case files right within the Clio platform. They also enhance email organization and search capabilities. With the integration, you can also create new time entries and track billable communications for more accurate client billing. 


InfoTrack is an e-filing and process service platform that automates various essential litigation processes, such as court filings, service of process, and tracking your docket. With the integration, you can send documents for e-filing directly from their matters in Clio, search court records, send documents for signatures, and track case dockets—all without leaving the Clio platform. The integration helps save time and reduce errors, as it allows you to easily upload documents from one platform to the other and enter in a few details for these tasks, rather than downloading, reuploading, and entering all of your case info. When using it to file case initiation documents, the integration allows users to sync back the completed proof of service to the relevant Clio matter. It further streamlines billing by managing all court filing expenses in one place, making client billing easier and more accurate.

Best for Law Firm Administration:


Integration with cloud-based accounting software, Quickbooks saves time and minimizes data entry errors by automatically syncing your bills, payments, trust, and operating transactions between the two platforms. This is done by setting up workflows in one platform to trigger actions in the other; for example, if a bill is approved in Clio, the workflow will push the same to be synced in Quickbooks. The integration allows you to streamline operations and saves time as routine, repeat financial tasks are automated. Bill payments and records, including trust records stay up to date within both platforms to allow for accuracy, enhanced compliance and better financial decision making.  


Mailchimp’s marketing platform works as your personal marketer, helping you grow your business by finding new clients and engaging existing ones. Managing client relationships and email marketing campaigns become effortless with the Mailchimp - Clio integration. Firms can automate newsletters and email campaigns, reaching targeted audiences with precision. When new matters are added to Clio, they can be seamlessly added to the appropriate groups in Mailchimp, streamlining client communication. The integration also allows users to share contact lists from Clio to Mailchimp. 


Chrometa is a time-keeping software that uses AI technology to assist with time tracking and allocation. Operating in the background, it monitors time spent on each document, email, task, and more. With the integration, Clio sends the list of clients and matters and any updates or new data to Chrometa. Chrometa then allocates recorded time to the correct client in Clio. Utilizing AI technology and a robust rules-based system, Chrometa optimizes time allocation for various clients. This integration can help make the time tracking process so much less painful for attorneys, as they can run the app in the background, knowing that time will be automatically and accurately allocated to the relevant client.  


With a number of matters at hand and administrative tasks to take care of, it can be easy to lose sight of all that needs to be done, especially if information lives in different data sources. That’s where the Trello integration comes in. Trello is a Kanban-style project management board used to facilitate task management and collaboration. It’s especially helpful to manage and track the specific tasks within each matter or case and collaborate with others. With the integration, you can automate the creation of Trello cards (and trigger other workflows) when new matters are created in Clio, notes are added to existing matters, or new projects begin. Triggers to new workflows can be created in either direction, meaning that if a change is made to the matter in Clio or the project board in Trello, both products are synced. This integration ensures that all information is consolidated in one place, enhancing tracking, visual task management, and collaboration between users who may be working on matters together. 

Best for Managing Legal Work


DocuSign is the leading eSignature software. With the DocuSign integration, law firms can drastically reduce the time spent preparing documents for signature. Clio Documents can be sent for signature from Clio with just one click; specifically, a "Sign with DocuSign" custom action can be inserted into Clio documents, simplifying the preparation of documents for electronic signatures. With the integration, other workflows can also be created, triggered by certain events, such as the signing of a document in DocuSign or creation of a new matter in Clio. The integration increases efficiency and helps alleviate administrative burden. 


Casetext is a legal research platform powered by AI search capabilities. The integration streamlines legal research by enabling you to send documents from a Clio matter to Casetext to find relevant legal authorities and citations. This tool is particularly valuable for identifying jurisdiction-specific authorities related to the same facts and legal issues within a brief. The tool can be used to bolster not only your own drafts and research, but also to research opposing parties, locate missed cites or authorities, and access summaries of all cited cases, creating a comprehensive research binder. You’re  able to send back the research results to save into the relevant Clio matter. The integration allows users to speed up the research process while providing more comprehensive results. 

Docket Alarm

Docket Alarm is a specialized tool for tracking and analyzing litigation dockets  and providing case outcome analytics. With Docket Alarm, you can also set up keyword searches for alerts in Federal, Bankruptcy, and Appellate Courts, the Supreme Court, and others. When integrated with Clio, it ensures that firms receive timely alerts for docket updates for their matters, enabling them to stay informed about case developments. Filings in Docket Alarm are automatically synchronized to Clio Documents to ensure all records stay up to date. 


CaseMail is an online platform that allows users to send postal mail online, track deliveries, and verify documents; it’s an approved communications and service solution for US courts. CaseMail streamlines the conversation of postal mail into a paperless process. And with the integration, attorneys are able to mail documents via First Class Mail, Certified Mail, or Overnight Express directly from Clio. This enables law firms to send documents digitally, eliminating the need for trips to the post office. Moreover, it offers flexibility, allowing firms to switch between postal and electronic communication based on compliance requirements. Conveniently, all mailings and accompanying costs are recorded under the matter’s expenses to allow for more accurate and effective billing. 

Which integrations do you need?

We hope the list shared above is helpful in providing an overview of the different Clio integrations that may be helpful in solos and small firms more effectively run law firms. While we’ve provided a number of recommendations, there’s no one-size-fits-all “best” option. To select a software and integration for your firm or organization, it’s best to evaluate each tool with your specific needs in mind. Consider:

  • Practice areas of focus at your firm
  • Size of your organization 
  • Size of your client base
  • Your specific use cases and relevant functionalities in each software 
  • Cost and budgets 
  • Resources and customer support features
  • User-friendliness of the tool

We can help you figure this out - just sign up for a demo of Gavel and learn if it suits your needs.

Accelerate document management and automation with Gavel!

We’re biased, but Gavel is our winning option for your firm for document automation and management. Built by and for lawyers, at Gavel, we understand your specific needs and use cases, and our aim is to make it easy to get as much of your process automated as possible. If there is logic you want embedded into your documents, we can likely do it. 

User-friendly platform and features, robust functionality, and a marketplace of pre-built applications makes Gavel a great option for many organizations. 

As our clients say, “This is the best software ever. I think every law firm in America should use it.“

If you’re ready to start building, get started with a free trial of Gavel today. 

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