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Gavel and Clio: Legal Tech Software that Goes Hand in Hand


Gavel and Clio: Legal Tech Software that Goes Hand in Hand

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Gavel and Clio are partners in making some of the most powerful legal software for lawyers. Both help attorneys create more efficient and automated law practices. Use them together, and you can be a powerhouse attorney.

Clio and Gavel Go Hand in Hand

Gavel was voted Clio’s best integration in October 2023 and received $100k for winning this award.

Meet Clio

Clio is an industry-leading practice management system that can elevate a firm’s practice. It helps attorneys organize and track cases, clients, data, and documents, assist with billing and accounting, manage important dates and calendar events, and track time.

Clio is touted as the complete management tool for lawyers, so it’s important to pair it with a tool that is powerful enough to gather client data and automate and create your documents and legal work product as well.

Meet Gavel

Gavel is the premier tool in the document automation space. It is often among the first legal tech products that firms adopt when incorporating technology into their practice. It's important for your document automation tool to specialize in automation because there are many advanced features (see below) important to getting your documents fully automated you may overlook.

So, consider using Clio with the powerful document automation tool that it recently chose as its best integration: Gavel. Clio has successfully partnered with Gavel for document automation for years, and they make an unstoppable PMS + drafting and document automation duo. 

Gavel excels by being easy to set up while containing all of the powerful automation and client intake functionalities other programs don’t have, which you’ll need to create the most complex documents. Gavel’s robust features are critical to getting your document fully automated, including: 

With Gavel, you can either send your clients a link to enter their data, or your clients can access the step-by-step workflows in your Gavel client portal. Alternatively, these workflows can be embedded on your website. For those who prefer to use automation internally, your attorneys and staff can also use Gavel.

Through its integration with Clio Manage, Gavel can pull client data from Clio’s databases to populate client and matter information when preparing documents. Completed and draft documents can also be saved on Clio’s platform without additional downloading, saving, and other back-and-forth.

Accelerate Document Automation with Gavel

For law firms, Gavel is the ideal choice for document automation and generation.  

Powerful document automation features, robust resources for customers, and pre-built document automation workflows for your area of law make Gavel a great option for most organizations.

If you’re ready to start automating, get started with a free trial of Gavel today. 

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