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Case Study

Gavel Case Studies

Legal tech companies #BuiltOnGavel
Legal aid platforms by courts and non-profits
Lead-generating tools for law firm marketing
Instant apps responding to new legislation
Case Study

Gavel Case Studies

Legal tech companies #BuiltOnGavel
Legal aid platforms by courts and non-profits
Lead-generating tools for law firm marketing
Instant apps responding to new legislation

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Law firms, courts, and legal aid organizations around the world are building on Gavel to serve their customers. We highlight some of the use cases here.

Gavel is proud to be used by organizations in 23 countries and many areas of law to build powerful tools that automate documents, save time, generate new sources of revenue, and make the world a better place. Read our featured case studies below.

Emessay, A Resource for Small Creative Businesses

Emessay uses Gavel to allow their creative clients create, customize and download key contracts. A one-time payment gives clients access to all of Emessay's current and future database of customizable contracts.
Read more about it here.

Eight Instant-Response Apps

bucerius legal tech challenge passport to practice

During the pandemic, experts around the world built and rapidly scaled legal tech solutions to provide assistance to the those in critical life situations - eviction defense, work, benefits, and more. Watch these video of eight legal applications built in days on the Gavel platform.

M&A Firm Creates Expert System

LCN Legal Transfer Pricing Document Automation

LCN Legal is a global specialist firm in legal structures for multinational companies and intercompany agreements. They used Gavel's to create a document automation system in one of the most complex areas of law: transfer pricing. They've since launched multiple tech tools through the firm. Read about their ICA drafting service here, and see the news about their latest DAC6 tool here.

Hello Divorce, the DIY Divorce Platform

divorce automated forms

Hello Divorce uses Gavel to create what has been called the "TurboTax for divorce," combining technology with legal expertise. Read more about the platform here, and watch our videos with founder Erin Levine here (Part I) and here (Part II).

Goodbye heartbreak, hello divorce!

Landlord Legal, a Community for Landlords

Residential Lease Document Automation

How Landlord Legal (formerly FreshLease) used Gavel to create a residential lease platform that incorporates document automation, video courses, a community, and additional legal services through the core law firm. Read more about it here.

Lead-Generator for Estate Planning Firm

estate planning legal app

Lawvex built an automation tool for estate planning, specifically a way to generate a free Personal Property Memoranda (a simple supplement to a will). Estate planning attorneys have saved 90% of drafting time using Gavel.

See the platform here, and read more about it here.

Nationwide Online Name Change  

a2j court forms name change

The process for getting a name change has historically been arduous, with a patchwork of state and local rules. This platform automates the process in Colorado, Wyoming, and beyond. See the Colorado legal application, the Wyoming platform, and read news about how the tool is helping consumers here.

Free Solution to Prevent Eviction During COVID-19

eviction landlord forms court

A2J Forms is back at it again. They built a platform to help tenants nationwide generate a declaration that prevents eviction from their homes under the latest CDC Order. See the declaration-builder here. It's in English and Spanish.

HelpSelf, Automated Assistance for Domestic Violence Survivors

helpself legal automation

How HelpSelf Legal provided automatic legal help to those with low/moderate incomes, a precursor to the software platform that is now Gavel. Read more about it here.

How Columbia Law Students Used Gavel to Become Legal Tech Developers

columbia law school document automation

How Columbia Law School students used Gavel to build document automation workflows for NYC tenants and low-wage workers in South America. Read more about it here.

Tool helping Californians clear criminal records

criminal expungements document automation

Document automation case study on how a team at the Global Legal Hackathon and USC Law School built a platform on Gavel to help individuals clear their marijuana-related convictions. Read more about it here.

Above the Law's Review of Gavel

above the law document automation

The popular legal site Above the Law reviews our document automation software and tells you how you can use it to monetize your practice or make the world a better place (complete with screenshots!) Read more about it here and here.

Makerpad's Profile on Gavel

makerpad document automation

Want more stories about how people are using Gavel? Makerpad, the no-code resource, profile us with tutorials and additional case studies on how you can build your own expert system. Read Makerpad's story here.

Customer reviews on Capterra

capterra document automation

Want more testimonials? Read our customer reviews from lawyers, legal aid organizations, sales professionals,  and other people automating documents and expertise. Read the reviews on Capterra here.

Build your own workflows, legal apps and legal products on Gavel.  Learn the basics in our guide here, and dive deeper with our Productizing Legal series.  

If you'd like to be featured as a document automation case study, reach out at [email protected].

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