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Law for Everyone Contestants Announced


Law for Everyone Contestants Announced

We're excited to announce the contestants for the Law for Everyone challenge

We're excited to announce the contestants for the Law for Everyone challenge! These teams are off to the races building their legal applications. They now have until August 7th to build out their projects before the judging begins.

The Law for Everyone challenge (see evaluation criteria here) is a competition for the Bucerius Legal Tech Essentials and the Passport to Practice programs, where teams around the world are building legal tech applications on Documate to solve a legal problem - whether it be legal aid, consumer, or corporate-focused. The winner will receive a $1,000 prize.

Team NameWhat are they building?4CORIMost criminal records in Massachusetts have four outcomes: they cannot be sealed, they can be sealed through 100A process, they can be sealed through 100C process, they cannot be sealed yet (longer time frame needed). However, there is no method for people to quickly and conveniently determine which of the four outcomes applies to their situation. Hence, 4CORI. The goal of 4CORI is to design a series of user inputs and apply simple computing to determine eligibility. JustAddTermsA Q&A style Work From Home Policy generator that helps COVID-19 affected businesses embrace their remote work setting and get back to productivity ASAP. The Legal TechiesAnalyzing judges' rulings for patent attorneys.FORMidable SolutionsA platform that helps people file complaints/refund requests due to COVID-19 and direct them toward legal solutions.Law-LingoA tool to break the communication barriers between lawyers, users and translators.Delta TrioDocument automation platform and summary of rights for freelancers and autonomous workers.Mee GorengContract / smart contract builder (i.e. website builder but for contracts / smart contracts).Mexican Democracy MachineAn automated tool for demanding accountability of elected officials all over the world, starting in Mexico, have the right.Team AutomateSuite of employment law automation tools.LegalCatch-22An app to automatically generate POAs and Wills for COVID-19 frontline workers.Eviction Response TeamA tenant intake questionnaire that will direct users to eviction defense services in their state, as well as information on what the landlord is and is not legally able to do in the general eviction process.VioletAn application aiming to help the victims of domestic violence with guidance, the automation of complaint and request for a cautionary decision documents.DANAUse of Legal Design and Visual Law as a tool for automating legal documents and processes.Legaltech is our DNAApp for enhancing GDPR, especially the right to be forgotten.TeamIronAutomation of the process of name changing for transgender people in Perú.E-pikeiaA user-friendly platform to provide automated legal assistance to women in Peru to claim the paternity acknowledgment and the correspondent alimony, allowing them to smash the unfair barriers and the formalism of the judiciary system. Equity (Epikeia) in Family law within a hand's reach.Future LawPlatform for the IP intake application.California Courtyard ConspiracyWorkflow to challenge civil forfeiture.Pacific AutomationCOVID-19 related public activity permit application-filler.International Legal Innovators (ILI)Workflow for employers dealing with workers comp COVID-19 claims in the entertainment industry (and maybe other industries as well) in the US and Columbia.

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