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Case Study

Valla Launches Resources to Help Employees Navigate Discrimination and Harassment

Valla UK reduces the cost of taking a case to the Employment Tribunal by 90%
Build a timeline of what happened, collect evidence, and track progress
Workshops and resource center guides help employees through the end to end legal process
Case Study

Valla Launches Resources to Help Employees Navigate Discrimination and Harassment

Valla launches a legal toolkit on Documate for employees in England, Scotland or Wales to manage UK employment law issues like workplace bullying, discrimination, and harassment.

Even a simple employment law case in a UK tribunal can cost £6,000 or more in solicitor's fees. Valla is working to change that. Valla is an organization for employees in the UK who have been bullied, harassed or discriminated at work. The platform, built by Kate Ho and Danae Shell, has core features that are free to everyone, and provides extra support with letter templates, coaching, and emotional wellbeing.

Their online resources also help you collect evidence for your case, build a timeline, create the necessary documents, and present the documents. The toolkit is an expert system built on Documate that gives you step by step instructions on what to do next based on your employment issue. 

Access the Valla employee toolkit here.

Alongside its resources, Valla will provide a series of educational workshops. On May 26, 2022, Valla's first workshop, "Toxic or Illegal? What to do when something bad happens at work" went live. In this workshop, Valla co-founder and CEO Danae Shell:

  • Teaches you how to label discriminatory and harassing behavior at work
  • Helps you understand what types of employer actions are illegal
  • Give syou concrete action steps to take to address any issues
  • Provides you with a customised resource guide of support organisations and services

See a recording of the workshop here:

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