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And the Winner of the Law for Everyone Challenge and $1000 Award Is...


E-pikeia (meaning, equity) is an automated platform that allows women in Peru to claim paternity acknowledgment and alimony. As E-Pikeia notes, this "allows them to smash the unfair barriers and the formalism of the judiciary system." The robust platform not only helps generate documents and does complex calculations for the legal process, but it serves as an educational platform for self-represented litigants. The team has gotten significant traction in Peru, and you can access the application here.

And we also have a surprise! (More winners)

The two runners up will each receive a $250 award and a Documate Enterprise account. Tied for runners up are:

Runner Up: FORMidable Solutions

Runner Up: California Courtyard Conspiracy

The judges (Dan Linna, Amy Halverson, and Katie DeBord) were blown away by all of the projects, so we decided to provide an additional award to these teams to encourage them to continue their amazing work.

Read more about all of the winners and finalists for the Law for Everyone Challenge below.

Grand Prize Winner

Project E-pikeia Alimony and Paternity (Peru)

Epikeia (meaning, equity) is a user-friendly platform to provide automated legal assistance to women in Peru to claim the paternity acknowledgment and the correspondent alimony, allowing them to smash the unfair barriers and the formalism of the judiciary system. You can access the application here.

Visit their full website at (with a chatbot you can speak with, too).

Tweet at them here / Facebook / LinkedIn / Instagram

Two Runners Up (Tied)

FORMidable Solutions Covid Cancellations DOT Complaint Generator

Have a flight that was cancelled due to COVID, but still haven't gotten a refund? This team built a complaint generator for passengers to take advantage of their rights against airlines. You can access the application here.

The team has gotten a ton of press coverage from Global News, Inter Alia, Western Aviation, Canadian Aviation News, and they appeared on a Canadian news channel CTV here. In the first three days, the tool had been used over 1,200 times, equating to approximately $1.2 million in claims against airlines (assuming $1000/dispute).

Tweet at them here

California Courtyard Conspiracy Civil Forfeiture Tool

Often, there is no recourse to police abuse of civil asset forfeiture laws, which allows seizure/sale of property police allege is involved in a crime. Owners need not ever be arrested or convicted of a crime, and legally regaining such property is notoriously difficult and expensive, with costs sometimes exceeding the value of the property. This guided tool built by California Courtyard Conspiracy helps provide a recourse. You can access the application here.

Want to see the finalists? Check out the 8 finalists and their incredible projects here:

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