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The Law Students in Legal Tech (LSILT) Access to Justice Fellowship

Free Documate account & full scholarship for a curated 12-week certification course
Hackathon competition with three cash prizes of $1k each plus a special SWAG prize for the team with the most creative marketing campaign
Up to 16 guaranteed paid positions with gigLAW for the hackathon's first place teams
Real-world legal tech experience building access to justice apps

The Law Students in Legal Tech (LSILT) Access to Justice Fellowship

Documate's Law Students in Legal Tech (LSILT) Access to Justice Fellowship empowers the next generation of lawyers with the tools, skills, network, and real-world experience to succeed in the rapidly shifting legal landscape.

Applications are now open for Documate’s brand new Law Students in Legal Tech (LSILT) Access to Justice Fellowship! Accepted applicants will receive a full scholarship for a curated 12-week legal tech certification course, live weekly sessions with lawyer and pro no-code / low-code developer Brittany Hernandez, and the chance to enter the access to justice apps they build throughout the course into an exclusive hackathon competition.

Eligible students can apply now using the form below and get an instant decision!

The first place teams in each category will receive a cash prize of $1k each with a special prize for the team with the most creative marketing campaign, guaranteed paid positions with gigLAW, their apps featured on Documate's Marketplace, their Builder Profiles featured on the Documate Automation Developer page and in AccessioDocs' Professional Automator Directory, and more.

This program is for current law students (1L, 2L, 3L), recent grads (within one year), and participants in incubator programs.

Enrollment information:

The first live session of the certification course will take place on Wednesday, January 18, 2023 at 9:00am PT. Students are allowed to join on a rolling admission basis; however, the last possible date to apply and join the program is 11:59pm PT on Tuesday, March 28, 2023 so there is enough time to catch up before the hackathon.

Eligibility requirements:

Fellows must complete the certification course to be eligible to enter their apps in the hackathon competition. The following are eligible to apply for the Fellowship:

  1. Current law students (1Ls, 2Ls, and 3Ls are all welcome to apply);
  2. Recent law school graduates (within one year of their official graduation date); and
  3. Participants of an incubator program (such as those facilitated by law schools and bar associations).

Meet the Fellowship’s Program Director & Senior Instructor:

Brittany Hernandez

Brittany Hernandez, Documate’s Global Ambassador to Law Schools and Founder of Cor Meum Academy, has curated a bespoke curriculum for the Fellows to prepare them for the incorporation of legal tech in real-world practice and to share alternative career opportunities in legal tech. Brittany is a lawyer, professional no-code / low-code developer, and educator who was a finalist in Documate’s Law for Everyone Challenge in 2020, which set her on a unique career trajectory that includes a master’s degree in International Film Business, a position as the Business Development Executive of a legal tech company based out of Scotland, and experience as a Pro Documater / Automation Specialist with gigLAW. She is also the creator and host of the Lightning Talks for Legal Innovators monthly series (in partnership with Documate) and the weekly series "The Wednesday Build". Brittany also created the first free, interactive digital magazine built on Documate, Code Word HEX.

Documate would like to thank Brittany Hernandez (Cor Meum Academy), Hayley Leviashvili (gigLAW,) and Tracy Troyer (Troyer & Good; AccessioDocs) for their hard work and support on this project!

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